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Steve Majors


  • Grace Bell

    Grace Bell

  • Alvin.


    San Francisco Bay Area, California • Owner, Curator, Writer, & Founder of

  • Leslie Bertucci

    Leslie Bertucci

  • Dr. Trudi Lynne Perkins

    Dr. Trudi Lynne Perkins

    Dr. Perkins is an educator, racism awareness consultant who uses her polymathic scholarship to facilitate growth of racial understanding in learners.

  • Dakarai I. Aarons

    Dakarai I. Aarons

    Award-winning journalist and communications strategist

  • Erika Knott

    Erika Knott

  • Daniel Banks

    Daniel Banks

  • Molly Stevens

    Molly Stevens

    Passion for closing achievement gaps, 21st century readiness for all. I love my family, friends, lifting heavy, eating clean. My tweets are my own.

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