Steve Majors
Clockwise from left: My brother Jim, sister Denise, brother Mike, mother Claudine, brother Rick and me.

“Oreos” are what my family called Black folks who betrayed their skin color. They were the ones who might look black on the outside but whose actions showed they were white on the inside. Growing up as a white-passing person I might have been accused of being the opposite. But…

I’ve often wondered what a dirt-poor, white handyman would see in a poorly educated, black domestic worker.

Certainly, they saw love. But undoubtedly, they also glimpsed the future.

Decades before Richard and Mildred Loving defied interracial marriage laws and social mores, my grandmother and her common-law husband did the same…

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Some of the best goals I’ve ever set at work or in life, I’ve missed. So, if you’re starting off the new year planning to count calories, measure career milestones or track bucket list accomplishments, my best advice is to set goals you’re sure to miss.

For more than 15…

Steve Majors

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